Become a La Salle Volunteer

La Salle Volunteers Global is a worldwide network composed by different entities of the La Salle Christian Brothers institute, working in the area of volunteering.

Our global network shares the same values and mission, but it is carried on in unique ways based on local needs and realities. This gives rise to different programs and experiences, also based on the history of the different organizations. 

The La Salle Volunteer Global network offers:

  • Meaningful experiences of personal growth

  • National and international Lasallian volunteer opportunities
  • Short and long-term volunteer experiences

  • Open calls for international volunteers, based on the needs of our communities

  • Connections between the volunteers and their future hosting communities

  • Inspire future generations through the stories of our current volunteers

Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself with a customized experience, accompanied by a tutor and a network ready to support you.

“If you will not do this for us… who will?”

a child from a Lasallian program

Be part of a community

Everyone’s little actions will make the change happen. You won’t make the difference alone, bring your talents to an international community.

Serve and care

your community will be made of your homemates, other volunteers, Brothers, educators, children and young people. Be at the service of them all.

Embrace new cultures

remember that you will join an intercultural, interfaith and multilingual reality. Let’s learn from our differences!

Challenge yourself

this is your chance to be creative, flexible and proactive. Bring and discover your authentic self.

Do you still have doubts?

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