How much time do I need to volunteer?

Every project is unique and every community has a different need, but we will build the project also taking into consideration your availability and needs. In some cases, there will be a minimum number of months required for your commitment, in order to realize the project and reach the goals. We can divide our project

What about online volunteering?

With the COVID19 pandemic, international volunteer projects and programs have been postponed or cancelled. But through online volunteering, at this moment, you can really make a difference for some communities, supporting their activities. If you are interested in engaging in the mission in this way, or if your school, community or entity is in searching

Can I volunteer together with my family, friends or with a group?

Yes, you can. Every +18 y.o. in the project will be required to fill an application form. When your group will be ready for submitting the applications, please choose one group representative. He will be the main contact person for any communication and for move forward in the process. In the case of school groups,

Where will I live during my project?

During your project, you will be living in a community with other people. The community can have different shapes and sizes depending on the project and it can include Lasallian Brothers or other religious men and women, other volunteers and partners.

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