Beyond the Borders Initiatives

The Beyond the Borders initiatives are educational communities located in fragile and isolated contexts, united by the common goal of promoting the full educational, economic and social integration of the most marginalized groups, migrants and refugees. 

Among the Beyond Borders initiatives, there is the 

  • La Salle School – Rumbek, South Sudan, where the long conflict has compromised the chances of access to education;
  • The Bamboo School in Thailand, on the border with Myanmar, originally built with bamboo logs, which accommodates migrant families considered stateless; 
  • The Além project, Tabatinga, in the heart of the Amazon, on the tri-border between Brazil, Colombia and Peru, meeting the educational needs of young people and the indigenous population at risk of social exclusion and human trafficking; 
  • The opening of a new international educational community in the Molenbeek district of Brussels; 
  • A technical school in Papua New Guinea, where 50 percent of young people do not have access to secondary education; 
  • Volunteer programs to understand the migratory reality of the U.S.-Mexico border or the American Indian community of the “Blackfeet” Reserve. 

Every year these educational communities will welcome volunteers from all over the world to share their commitment to the most vulnerable sections of the population.