Fundacion Bolivia Digna – La Salle

Bolivia Digna is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Its aim is to promote and advocate the rights of children, adolescents and other vulnerable social groups living in poor communities.

Since 2006, we have implemented social programs to build up these communities, to prevent violence, to protect and to advocate children who suffer from all kinds of violence. Through our actions, we promote human rights education, responsible leadership and Christian values.

Some of the most significant activities are carried out in the Centros de Atención Integral (Comprehensive Attention Centres), spaces that serve communities living in extreme and moderate poverty and who are migrants from indigenous regions in tropical areas and the Bolivian highlands. The housing in the communities is precarious, they have no basic services such as: water, electricity, gas, toilets; they live in overcrowded conditions. Fathers and mothers work in informal trade, construction, transport and agriculture. Children usually spend most of the day alone after school or help their parents at work. The children live in a situation of risk and vulnerability.

In this context, different projects are implemented in the Care Centres: Pre-school care (3 to 5 years), School Support (6 to 17 years), Sports and Values, Arts and Values, Science and Values, Human Rights and Responsibilities, Promotion of Good Treatment and Prevention of Violence, Christian Education, Ecology and Environment, Educational and Recreational Outings, Health and Nutrition, Social Assistance. The fundamental objective is to share with the children attention, affection and to make an impact on their hearts and minds so that they can have greater opportunities to improve their living conditions. The educators responsible for the projects are open to initiatives from the volunteers to strengthen and improve the work.  The volunteers also participate in different spaces of human formation, in skills and social service.

Volunteers at Bolivia Digna work directly with the children and can make a positive impact on their lives, but they can also grow on a personal level. 

What seems little to you can mean everything to children!

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