Lasallian Volunteers – USA

Lasallian Volunteers officially became a program in 1989, following a decade of grassroots efforts to bring volunteers into ministries and communities.

For more than 30 years, Lasallian Volunteers (LV) has provided dedicated, well-trained volunteers for one or more years of service in ministries that serve the poor. The volunteers, who are primarily recent college graduates, typically live in community with Brothers and other Lasallians as they work to empower young people through education and find themselves transformed in the process. Personal relationships are at the heart of the program, which supports approximately 30 volunteers per service year. 

Lasallian Volunteers is a post-graduate year-long service program, which places people in Lasallian ministries across the United States. LVs serve in school-based settings in teaching roles as well as tutors, campus ministers and service-learning coordinators, and after-school coordinators. LVs may also work with court adjudicated youth, social work. 

A unique dimension of the program is that volunteers live in community with Brothers and other Lasallian partners. This intentional faith-based community builds relationships that support members in service and spirituality–deepening the volunteers’ experience and enlivening the community. 

To date, more than 750 volunteers have participated in this intense formation program of faith, service and community.

In 2021, 30 LVs have been serving at 16 ministries, joining 11 communities in 8 US states


LVs is open to exploring placement of international volunteers to serve in the US! For more information on how to apply if you do not reside in the USA, please fill the La Salle Volunteers Global Application form and contact us!