RELAL Network of Volunteering

The Red Relal de Voluntariado (RELAL Network of Volunteering) is the body of the Lasallian Region of Latin America that coordinates and promotes volunteering opportunities in the Lasallian Districts of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Lasallian International Voluntary Service in RELAL:

  • It is the solidarity service of people from different parts of the world who are interested in and integrated into a project in RELAL at a given time, and who are motivated by the faith, style and spirituality of La Salle. 
  • It is an opportunity to act on a reality; it is the volunteer’s way of realising a desire to make a positive impact on vulnerable people and communities. 
  • It fosters the aspect of vocational culture because volunteering is a way of putting into practice the mission, vision and shared values of La Salle. Therefore, by promoting the idea of VOCATION, volunteering projects invite you to reflect on this question: what do you want to do for others in the future? 

The various volunteering projects and programmes of Relal are run by different organisations, associations and programmes in the different Districts and countries where Lasallian communities serve the most vulnerable. 

To find out more about some of the most significant projects and activities in each District, please visit the websites of:

  • México Norte 
  • Antillas – México Sur
  • Centroamérica Panamá
  • Bogotá 
  • Norandino 
  • Bolivia – Perú 
  • Brasil – Chile 
  • Argentina – Paraguay 


If you wish to become an international volunteer in one of the projects, please send an email to and fill in the interest form.