SEMIL (Service Éducatif de la Mission Internationale Lasallienne) was launched in France at the end of the 1980s. The objective of this service is to promote international solidarity in the network’s high schools and, above all, to allow high school students to leave, for a period of 3 weeks, to discover the reality of the Lasallian world in another country and to put themselves at the service of the local community.

This service offers the volunteers who participate two years of formation and discernment before departure. Thus, each one can reflect on the meaning he/she gives to international solidarity but can also work on evaluating his/her motivations and his/her project. These two years also allow the group of volunteers to seek the necessary financing and – and this is the most important thing – to create a link with the partner beforehand. 

In 1993, the La Salle France network launched its NGO, ÉDDÉ (ÉDucation & DÉveloppement) to accompany the SEMIL projects and to encourage the practice of international solidarity in the establishments of the network, from primary to higher education. ÉDDÉ is also the structure that allows the support of French volunteers.

Today, the District has about thirty SEMIL groups, spread throughout the territory, and each year, about ten of them are involved with Lasallian partners throughout the world. 

The list of our partners evolves according to their needs and geopolitical realities, of course. But we are always open to new types of partnerships.