Sou Solidário

Sou Solidário is a Lasallian Volunteer program carried out by the Fundação La Salle in partnership with La Salle Network and Pastoral Network of the Lasallian District Brazil-Chile.

This initiative aims to be a way for those who wish to live an experience of solidarity and contribute to the development of society by donating time and/or resources to the causes supported.

The Solidário is a person with availability, responsibility and commitment to society, who wants to be an agent of transformation, challenging himself to get out of his comfort zone. He is someone who believes that his participation contributes to changing the world in which he lives. Have you identified yourself? Then get involved!

The volunteers will have the opportunity to contribute with collective pedagogical, recreational, structural, environmental, recreational, cultural and sports activities, based on the demands identified in each location.

Some Sou Solidário projects are open for on-site volunteer support. These projects have a mid to long term duration and by joining these you will be able to experience volunteering living in a community with other people. These projects can be differentiated from volunteer experiences (min 20 days) to long term projects (up to 1 year).


If you live in Brasil and you are interested in being involved in serving the community on a local level, take a look at our webpage! You can take part in a “Nucleo Sou Solidário”, a group of volunteers formed by students, ex-students, family members and/or collaborators of La Salle Network, which can join activities on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.


Some of these projects may be opened for international volunteers to join!

Send an email to for more information.

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